Your best performance and highest well-being depend on optimal mental health support.

– A new strategy for health, happiness, and premium productivity.

You want to regain control over your life,
your thinking and feelings,
to live with ease, harmony and happiness?

Are you ready to
level up?

If you’re looking to master yourself and find health and healing at every level, or if you’re a leader looking to empower yourself and your team by getting it in tip-top mental health – this is for you:

We live in a world where everybody understands the importance of mental health. We’ve seen the negative effects of letting it fall by the wayside, and we know that tending to our minds as well as our bodies is essential for our well-being. We all perform at our best when we are happy, healthy, and fulfilled. We all want to find peak health and optimum well-being, resolving old sticking points and finding an overall sense of wellness and zest for life. But life is busy, and unless you dedicate your life to studying wellness, biohacking and productivity, you will unlikely have the time or unique insights to establish the TIP-TOP MENTAL HEALTH conditions necessary to flourish in every aspect of your life. But still, your dream of experiencing ultimate well-being, with a healthy mind, fit body, and a great relationship to work and productivity.

You want to feel better and do better, OR, you want to perform at your best from a place of inner abundance, and equip your team to do the same.

Luckily, you are not alone!

I Help You Enjoy Best Mental Health For Peak Performance?

As seen in…

and I’m on a mission to help you to optimise your mental health for peak performance and well-being. Having worked in high-performance industries as a strategy consultant and researcher, I’ve battled my own health, weight, and wellness challenges. I understand the demands of a corporate environment, and I know what it’s like to feel stuck. I believe that with the right strategy in place, it’s possible not only to survive but to thrive in your mind and body and to produce exceptional results while you do so.

In trying to beat the odds of a high-pressure role, I was always striving for more. I went the extra mile to outperform expectations. I delivered great work! But I never truly reached my potential. Not to mention how I felt. That’s because my mental health was often way out of balance, leaving me with drained creativity, depleted energy, and divided focus. Productivity was far from my only challenge. I faced many obstacles, and I wanted answers.

I wanted my life-force back. So I signed up for every course I could. I studied far and wide, from cognitive behaviour, quantum physics, NLP to epigenetics, psychology and the complexities of human behaviour. Fuelled by my lifelong interest in biohacking, I learned all I could about the mind and body, breath, sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and of course, self-love. I also explored working with the subconscious mind and became certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist™ with Marisa Peer.

I’m in the business of problem-solving. I tailor each coaching process to your goals and core values. I work predominantly with corporate teams seeking to bolster their career performance as well as with individuals tackling personal struggles. I also walk alongside those who know that life has more to offer and want to build on top of existing success. I don’t treat symptoms. Rather, I dive deeper to uproot the source of every problem, creating the internal conditions for the sustained mental health necessary to deliver your best yet, resolve the sticking points you can’t combat alone, and find your best health and happiness with ease.

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